Welcome to the new Bucket and Spade site and brand! It’s something we have been working hard on for the past couple of months, and we are very pleased with the final result. As well as the new site and new brand we’re going to start blogging regularly. Anything about what inspires us in the marketing/design world, things happening around the creative North and what’s new within the Bucket and Spade team, so check back here for regular updates.

So this first post we wanted to just have a brief look at our new brand and how we got to the final result. Branding is one of the most important factors for any business, but especially small businesses in a highly competitive market. Standing out from the crowd is important to make people understand what your business is about in as little time as possible, as well as get your personality through in the branding. For years we have been using the same logo and branding because we have been in that vicious cycle of having too much client work to spend time on ourselves, but sometimes you have to take a step back to take 2 steps forward.

So while rebranding ourselves, it’s a great opportunity to develop a new website. We have just had a 1-page holding site for a few years now but it doesn’t show any of our work or anything about us as a team. So we wanted to design a website that can show every part of what we do and have done in the past, as well as give people a bit more information about the business and the team. We pride ourselves on being friendly and approachable so we wanted to encapsulate this in our new branding and website.


Branding ourselves has been somewhat challenging… We have wanted to change the logo for the last three years, always starting the process then being sidelined by other more important projects. Our head designer Louiza has been pondering how to come up with a clean, classy logo incorporating the name in an icon in a clever and abstract way. There are other challenges that come with branding something so close, personal and important to you. We found ourselves over thinking concepts, really liking one thing then completely hating it the next day. We must have designed and played around with 30 concepts, with doodles, fonts and rough mockups. So when the new year came around it was time to put these into action and we got to the final result. The final ‘B’ icon is something Louiza thought of while running home from work one evening and it was the one thing that we all just knew was just right.


To start the new branding we wanted to analyse the current brand and how it works and doesn’t work, and how we can get across the vibe and vision of the business in the branding. We started out in Morecambe, working mainly on tourism based projects from our own ‘Things to do guides’ to designing the Lake District Holiday guide for Cumbria Tourism, both of which we still work on today, so we wanted to keep that spirit in the new branding.

The image above is the culmination some of the final design ideas, a few we knew weren’t suitable straight away, and a few were more difficult to choose from, eventually we didn’t actually choose any from this list but it was crucial in getting us to our final logo and branding. Once we had settled on a style, we needed to develop it by looking through different typography and colour palettes to make the branding our own and make it personal to us.

Colour Pallette

Bucket and Spade Marketing Colour Palette

We wanted to keep similar tones and colours to the old brand which is a subtle hint back to our seaside roots. Using different shades of blue with a highlight colour of a turquoise.  Having a specific colour palette is important for a brand to keep all their marketing material consistent. Now we have a defined colour palette we can use these colours in any of the marketing material we use, be it letter heads, website content, business cards etc.


typography, Bucket and Spade Marketing

Typography has the same principles as the colour palette in terms of branding, it’s a way to make your brand easily recognisable. Looking at some multi-national brands such as Coca-Cola, Google, Disney and Facebook, each has their own font used in their logo, and its so attached to their brands that the font is easily recognisable by anyone, even if it’s not used in the logo. We spent a lot of times considering different fonts, we wanted a modern but friendly approach to the brand so decided on All Modern for the title font and Arcon for the body font to give a nice contrast.

Branding is a topic that can be expanded upon forever and the psychology of it can be analysed more and more (which I won’t go into here) but all in all, we have finally got our new brand rolling with the new website and we couldn’t be happier about it. As with everything I’m sure our style will be refined over the years, but we feel it all reflect us as people and as a business together.

bucket and spade marketing banner